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What is Tangrapher?

Who We Are

Put a spice on your journey to make taster and more “convienient”.

Japan is one of the best countries in which you can feel a big cultural difference. It is sure that you can enjoy Japanese culture and find the convenience, however, there are some difficulties to find hidden Japanese spirits, thought and common sense with just your travel. Including these secrets, you will face the inconvenience of the convenient country of Japan; for example, language barrier, the complexity of transportation and so on. We will serve the service which promotes your journey more fun. And, you can take our basic service without money. As you see the right picture, our service is working with receiving the right of pictures of you. If you are interested in our service, please get contact us.



Amazing feature

Free Guide

We can introduce you where you are interested in Japan without guidance fee. Not only the famous tourist spots but also some local and infamous place for visitors, which still be much interesting. In addition, our guides can save your…

Free Photography

Taking pictures is one of the joys of the trip, but it may force you to dedicated into that without feeling enough of your travel. Instead of being a busy photographer, you can ask that work, then focus more on…

Free Translation

Japan still has a lot of language barrier. Most of Japanese cannot speak English, and there are few English or other language signs especially some local regions of Japan. While you are traveling to Japan, you would have many troubles…

Optional Services

What We Offer

Extra tangrapher hours

You can take extra hours over the basic free time. Please tell us how long you want before starting tangrapher service.

Get more big data of your pics

The pictures you can receive from free service are smaller than 1MB. If you want more big size of your pictures, please tell us.

Double Tangrapher staffs

In a free service, one of our staff will come with you. If you go with 2 or more staffs, you can receive a more high quality and convenient one. Because our staff has to do 3 work, guide, translate and photos if only one, the focus of each job is getting less comparing to multiple staffs.

Buy the right of pictures

You don't have to give us the using rights of all pictures we take. In a free basic one, we have options to sell some pictures of you to the other business service. If you don't like have us take the rights, you can buy that instead. In that case, you have to tell us before starting the tangrapher service, please.

Enjoy your trip with additional options

We are sure to let you have great time with basically free services. unfortunately but, it has a limitation, for example, the 1 hour limitation, get size limited pictures and transferring use rights of pictures ... etc. In order to enjoy more your trip, we recommend the optional services.

Do you like Tangrapher service?

If you want take this, please contact us.

Do you like Tangrapher service?

Our Skills

What We Can Do

Photographic techniques
Photographic techniques
Tourism Knowledge
Tourism Knowledge

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From our clients

A Great service. I could enjoy more and more Japan with Tangrapher. They teach you the detail of each tourist spot where we visited. Including that I could take some help even after the service which let me have enjoyed Japan without any big problem.

Catherine D. S.

Tangrapher is the “Omotenashi” of Japan. I have been to Japan twice. First time without tangrapher was also good but, Communication with local people was really difficult. The second time, I used Tangrapher and then, my journey was changed. You can talk with people thorough tangrapher and could know more Japan deeply. I strongly recommend to use Tangrapher and make your travel much fun.

William H. L.

Our Team

Our Team

Nice to meet you

Shotaroh H.

Sawayaka I.

Kamejo G.

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This service is unfortunately not working now. If you still want to talk with us, you can contact from this form. Thank you.

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